Paschal Message from Fr. Tom

Faithful and Friends of Transfiguration Church,

Christ is Risen!

Just a few days ago in a darkened church, we proclaimed with joyous hearts these life-changing words. Though you may have been watching the service from home, the reality, whether at home or at church, the proclamation of Christ’s Resurrection still fills our hearts with joy and hope. As the angels ‘dressed in dazzling apparel,’ told the women who went and found the empty tomb, ‘He is not here, He is risen. See the place where they laid him,’ (Mk 16:6) they offer to us the good news. At church or in our homes, we are the faithful, living witnesses of Christ’s sacrificial love and his great mercy realized in the Resurrection.

As we face these extra-ordinary times, His mercy and love continue to embrace us and lift us up. His Light dispels all darkness. So many of us know people who have fallen ill from the virus. We also know people who have died from this novel coronavirus, whether family, friends, parishioners, or relatives of parishioners. As we proclaim Christ’s Resurrection, with one voice, we pray for the well being of those who continue to socially distance themselves, those who are ill, and all our healthcare workers and first responders.

The reality is that in the coming weeks we will continue to worship through live streaming and meet via Zoom conferences. While not ideal for community life and development it is necessary for the health and well being of all. In order to help those who are not tech savvy, toward the end of Holy Week we were able to connect with both Lowell and Dracut Community TV. Both have agreed to air taped services from Holy Week and Pascha and hopefully will continue to air services in the coming weeks. If you know of someone who does not have internet access or is not comfortable with using technology, and does have Comcast cable, please inform them and have them tune to channel 8.

While watching news this past week is apparent that many are becoming weary of the ‘shelter in place’ lifestyle. What is also apparent, is the positive impact of not gathering, social distancing, and using masks, is having on the well being of our community at large. We must, as we are able, continue with the behaviors that have a positive impact.

With this in mind, the Transfiguration community must continue on this path looking for new ways to interact with one another. Before closing, on behalf of the parish, I want to thank all who have continued to support the ministries of the parish through your generous donations. Many have asked us to light candles for them and have made donations to the ‘offering basket’ as well as Easter donations. Thank you!

We welcome your suggestions. Please feel free to contact Fr. Tom
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